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Dr. Davide Marini, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Firefly BioWorks announced today the creation of the Firefly Frontiers Grant:

We are excited to provide financial support to researchers for expanding the horizons of microRNA research. We encourage applicants to explore high-impact questions and those high-risk explorations that would not be normally funded through a traditional academic route”.

The Grant

The Firefly Frontiers Grant is a $10,000 award in products and services to support exploratory studies in the area of microRNAresearch. It is open to principal investigators, postdoctoral and graduate students in academic and non-profit research institutions.  The company’s flagship product, FirePlex™ miRSelect, enables high-throughput and targeted microRNA profiling on a flow cytometer.  FirePlex™ miRSelect scales easily [click to continue…]


Firefly BioWorks looking for beta-testers of new kit

by Christoph on November 18, 2011

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Firefly BioWorks is a startup company introducing an innovative technology platform for multiplexed quantification of biomolecules. Their products offer simultaneous detection of many targets per sample with minimal hands-on time. The assay is designed to work on standard flow cytometers and takes 4 hours from experiment to data.
The company is launching an Early Access program for owners of benchtop cytometers and are looking for scientists interested in microRNA profiling. Participants will receive a 100-assay kits free of charge, in exchange for feedback on robustness and usability.
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