miRBase Version 15.0 is Released

April 26, 2010

UPDATE: miRBase version 19 is the current version ******** April 26th, 2010 – miRBase microRNA Sequence Database Updated to Release 15.0 The latest version (15.0) of the miRBase sequence database for known miRNAs was released today. miRBase 15 is freely available at http://www.mirbase.org/. You can find a quick summary for the new release at ftp://mirbase.org/pub/mirbase/CURRENT/README. […]

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miRBase version 15 approaching

April 21, 2010

Today the official miRBase site announced the upgrade to miRBase 15 over the coming weekend: The long-overdue release 15 of miRBase is expected between 23rd and 26th April, including over 4000 new entries. Cannot wait to see additional sequences for some of the species…

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Deep Sequencing – a Tool for Novel microRNA Discovery in Many Species

January 8, 2010

One of the limitations of microarray expression profiling is the requirement of prior sequence information, to be used for probe design.  Until recently, this has been limited mostly to that found in public databases (i.e. miRBase), these data having been gathered mainly through a combination of bioinformatics and extensive cloning experiments.  In contrast, deep sequencing […]

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December 2, 2009

By Anne Harding Microarrays are a vital tool in research on microRNAs, the tiny noncoding stretches of genetic material that regulate messenger RNA. They can’t be beat for reading the microRNA “fingerprints” unique to disease states. But keeping up with this super hot field is a challenge for commercial microarray makers, and competition is fierce.  […]

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miRBase Updated to Version 14.0

September 15, 2009

UPDATE: miRBase version 19 is the current version ******** The miRBase database has moved to a new location at http://www.mirbase.org/, hosted in the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester. miRBase in Manchester is now funded by the BBSRC. The miRBase Targets site and pipeline have devolved into the Enright research group at EBI under […]

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The miRBase Sequence Database — Release 13.0

March 10, 2009

UPDATE August 2012:  Current Version is miRBase 19 The miRBase Sequence Database — Release 13.0 ——————————————— 1. SUMMARY The miRBase Sequence Database provides a searchable online repository for published microRNA sequences and associated annotation, functionality previously provided by the microRNA Registry. miRBase also contains predicted miRNA target genes in miRBase Targets, and provides a gene […]

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