Workshop: “NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis”

by Christoph on March 5, 2014

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Next-gen Sequencing and ncRNA, small RNA, miRNA data analysis workshopThe organizers are happy to announce the upcoming “NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis” workshop II (2014) 15-16 May, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The SeqAhead COST action BM1006 is organizing a 2 day workshop with presentations on non-coding RNA (ncRNA) research, bioinformatics, data analysis and stimulating discussions between biologists and bioinformaticians. The registration for this COST WS is now open.

The Workshop will concentrate on current topics in NGS and non-coding RNAs, with special emphasis on data analysis. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to bring software developers, bioinformaticians and experimental scientists together, bridging the gap between users’ needs and developers’ goals.

Workshop Target:

-biologists with research in ncRNA (ncRNA, small RNAs, miRNAs) applying or planning to apply Next Generation Sequencing technologies
-bioinformaticians involved in data analysis or developing algorithms for data analysis of ncRNA data.

The workshop is open for everybody in the ncRNA and NGS field. The workshop is free of charge and participants have to pay their own hotel and travel. COST will offer travel reimbursement to some selected researchers and you will need to provide a poster abstract.
For more detailed information visit the WS homepage:

For more specific information please contact Dr. Vesselin Baev {[email protected]}

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janeth ortega March 17, 2014 at 11:52 am

I would appreciate infromation regarding any kind of sholarship (for Latin american PhD student) in orden to attend to the Workshop.

Thank you very much for your information

Janeth Ortega

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