Call for Papers: Special Issue – MicroRNA Regulation

ijms-logoThe International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Impact Factor 2.862) is working on a Special Issue ” MicroRNA Regulation” and is calling for submissions. Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 March 2016.

For more information please read the letter of the special issue editor:

Dear Colleagues,

MicroRNA is a short non-coding RNA whose primary function is supposed to be post-transcriptional regulation of mRNAs. Although it has been extensively studied for over a decade, its detailed mechanisms have not yet been fully understood. The difficulty is possibly because of lack of experimentally and theoretically effective methods, and this should be solved by invention of new technologies. Thus, any new proposals regarding them are welcomed. In addition to these, many new aspects, e.g., coordinated actions of microRNA with various epigenetic factors, including promoter methylations, histone modifi cations, and structures of chromosome, have started to pique researchers’ interests. Furthermore, non-canonical functions, e.g., functionalities inside nuclei and non-canonical bindings, also seem to be important. In conclusion, any research papers about new theoretical, computational, or experimental methodologies, as well as excellent reviews regarding these topics are welcomed. MicroRNA regulations, of not only target genes, but also any pathways, diseases, or differentiation, are also interesting topics. We are looking forward to receiving many submissions from outstanding expert on these topics.

For submission details please go to:

Prof. Dr. Y-h. Taguchi
Department of Physics,
Chuo University,
Tokyo, Japan

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