Featured Publication – Expression Profile of MicroRNAs in Young Stroke Patients

Plos-One---2009---ExpressioResearchers at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and the National University of Singapore demonstrate that peripheral blood miRNAs and their profiles can be developed as biomarkers in diagnosis and prognosis of cerebral ischaemic stroke. MicroRNA microarrays were utilized to detect dysregulated miRNAs even after several months from the onset of stroke in what is usually regarded as neurologically stable patients.

Tan KS, Armugam A, Sepramaniam S, Lim KY, Setyowati KD, Wang CW, Jeyaseelan K.  (2009) Expression profile of MicroRNAs in young stroke patients. PLoS One 4(11), e7689.  [article]

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