If you are looking to find a position in the miRNA research field please email us your job description and we will post here what you are looking for as well as your CV and other details you provide.

Looking for PhD Position in the field of miRNA research

Hi all, I am Neha, I am 23, I have done my UG in Botany Hons. and PG in Biotechnology along with that I have also done bachelors in education. I have 6+2 months of experience of internship in lab work under reputed scientists where I have worked on brilliant projects, also I am well versed with all of the basic techniques and I have strong theoretical background. I am looking for a PhD anywhere across the globe, in the field of miRNA as currently I am working on it and I want to further continue my research in the same field.

Contact details:

+91 9999261331

date posted: April 9th 2016

Looking for PhD Position – miRNAs and cancer development

I have a M.Sc. in Biological Science with 3 years of experience working with cell culture and microRNAs as well as a  published paper on the subject. What I am looking for is a  PhD position in the field of  microRNAs and their influence on cancer development – preferably in Europe or the USA.

Families of microRNAs Expressed in Cluster Regulate Cell Signialing in Cervical Cancer.
Servín-González et al., 2015. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. doi: 10.3390.

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date posted: July 6th 2015