microRNA a Hot Topic at Upcoming ASHG Meeting

The 58th meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics will commence tomorrow. Among many interesting topics, microRNA will be discussed at length. On Sturday Nov 15th there will be a platform session dedicated to microRNA.

Saturday, November 15 8:00 AM–10:30 AM
Concurrent Platform Session IV (48-54)
SESSION 49 – MicroRNAs and Disease
Ballroom A
Co-Moderators: Arupa Ganguly, University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia; and Ying-Hui Fu, University of California, San

227/8:00 Sequencing reveals low variability in human
microRNA genes. C. H. Lee, L. Pennachio, A. Pertsemlidis.

228/8:15 The genetic control of microRNA expression in
Humans. C. Borel, S. Deutsch, H. Attar, M. Gagnebin, C.
Gehrig, E. Falconnet, Y. Dupré, S. E. Antonarakis.

229/8:30 Genome-wide profiling for determination of
microRNAs involved in brain-related endophenotypes. M.
Carless, T. Dyer, J. Curran, R. Duggirala, D. Glahn, J. Blangero.

230/8:45 Influence of Genomic Variance on the
Transcriptome in Human Brain Tissues. J. Gibbs, M. van der
Brug, D. Hernandez, S. Lai, B. Traynor, M. Cookson, A.

231/9:00 Integrative epigenetic regulation via MeCP2
mediated control over microRNA 137 in a mouse model of
Rett Syndrome. K. Szulwach, X. Li, R. Smrt, L. Li, Y. Li, Y. Luo,
N. Santistevan, W. Li, X. Zhao, P. Jin.

232/9:15 Differential miRNA-mediated regulation of two
isoforms of the receptor for neurotrophin-3 (NTRK3). M.
Guidi, B. Kagerbauer, M. Muinos-Gimeno, X. Estivill, Y.

†233/9:30 Identification of a novel cataract gene, TDRD7,
and its role in P body-mediated post-transcriptional
regulation in the lens. S. A. Lachke, F. S. Alkuraya, I. Saadi, R.
Cavallesco, A. C. Tsai, A. V. Drack, R. L. Maas.

234/9:45 microRNA regulation of chemoresistance in
NSCLC. A. Pertsemlidis, L. Du, R. Greer, A. Gazdar, S.
Hammond, M. White, J. Minna.

235/10:00 MicroRNA-Mediated Cardiac Dysfunction and
Myosin Regulation. J. T. C. Shieh, D. Srivastava.

236/10:15 First evidence for an association of a functional
variant in the miRNA-510 target site of the serotonin
receptor type 3E gene with diarrhea predominant irritable
bowel syndrome. J. Kapeller, L. A. Houghton, H. Mönnikes, J.
Walstab, D. Möller, H. Bönisch, B. Burwinkel, F. Autschbach, B.
Funke, F. Lasitschka, N. Gassler, C. Fischer, P. J. Whorwell, W.
Atkinson, C. Fell, K. J. Büchner,

Wednesday Nov 12th 2008, 12:00 PM
LC Sciences will be presenting a workshop at The Philadelphia Marriott Hotel
(connected to the convention center)
Room 401/402

Microfluidic Technology Enabling Advances in microRNA Research An advanced microfluidic biochip system designed to produce high quality data, stay current with the rapidly evolving microRNAfield, and perform diverse small RNA discovery experiments is presented. This technology’s unique flexibility allows for miRBase synchronicity and design of customized biochips adapted to each researcher’s specific needs. Applications featuring disease marker discovery, drug treatment, microRNA target screening, and small RNA discovery are highlighted.

microRNA Profiling Using A High Performance, Flexible µParaflo® Biochip Platform
Presented by Christoph Eicken Ph.D. – LC Sciences LLC

Feasibility and relevance of examining lymphoblastoid cell lines to study role of microRNAs in autism
Presented by Zohreh Talebizadeh Ph. D. – Children ’s Mercy Hospital

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