MicroRNA at ASHG 2009

Title: Response to microRNA therapy in a model of the commonest human blood cancer.(1033) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Wed) Author(s): N. Zanesi, A. Bottoni, M. Kaou, R. Visone, A. Burch, C. Taccioli, M. Fabbri, S. Costinean, A. Efanov, E. Gaudio, Y. Pekarsky, A. Cimmino, C. Croce Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW085 ‐HEMATOPOIETIC SYSTEM, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW113 ‐MODEL ORGANISMS, KW134 ‐PHENOTYPE, KW168 ‐THERAPY
Title: Analysis of the Molecular Factors Controlling Human Osteosarcoma Response to Chemotherapy.(1165) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Wed) Author(s): K. Sol‐Church, D. L. Stabley, S. M. McCahan, D. Kamara, A. Kolb Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW143 ‐PREDICTIVE TESTING, KW168 ‐THERAPY, KW044 ‐DIGITAL GENE EXPRESSION
Title: Differential expression of micro RNAs regulating cell cycle in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.(363) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Wed) Author(s): Y.‐W. Chen, N. Harafuji, R. Shi Keywords: Molecular Basis of Mendelian Disorders, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS, KW114 ‐MOLECULAR PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, KW008 ‐BIOINFORMATICS, KW164 ‐SYSTEMS BIOLOGY
Title: Non‐sense mediated mRNA decay and microRNA array analysis of Finnish HPCX‐linked families.(1062) (2:00PM‐3:00PM on Wed) Author(s): H. Mattila, T. Ikonen, M. Vihinen, J. Isotalo, H. Oja, T. Tammela, T. Wahlfors, J. Schleutker Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW015 ‐CANDIDATE GENE, KW086 ‐IDENTIFICATION OF DISEASE GENES, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS, KW181 ‐X‐LINKED DISEASE
Title: MicroRNA Profiles in Exosomes Derived from Prostate Adenocarcinomas.(1148) (2:00PM­3:00PM on Wed) Author(s): M. Howell, J. Kimbrough, T. Deng, A. Conrad, P. Ellis, P. Kennedy, T. Tinder, P. Esmay, T. Maney, C. Kuslich Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW042 ‐DIAGNOSTICS, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS
Title: MicroRNA expression and its usefulness in diagnosis, classification and prediction of patient outcome in colorectal cancer.(1160) (2:00PM‐3:00PM on Wed) Author(s): C. Nyiraneza, C. Sempoux, A. Kartheuser, R. Detry, K. Dahan Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW042 ‐DIAGNOSTICS, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW125 ‐NONCODING RNA, KW126 ‐ONCOGENESIS
Title: Aberrant expression of let‐7 microRNA leads to overexpression of Dicer in oral squamous cell carcinomas.(1200) (2:00PM‐3:00PM on Wed) Author(s): A. Jakymiw, R. Patel, N. Deming, I. Bhattacharyya, C. Stewart, P. Shah, D. Cohen, E. Chan Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW156 ‐RNAI, KW125 ­
Title: Peptide YY (PYY): Discrete polymorphisms in the 3’‐UTR and proximal promoter regulate gene expression in cella as well as PYY secretion and metabolic syndrome traits in vivo.(804) (2:00PM­3:00PM on Wed) Author(s): P. Shih, L. Wang, G. Wen, C. Nievergelt, M. Mahata, F. Rao, D. O’Connor Keywords: Complex Traits and Polygenic Disorders, KW164 ‐SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, KW159 ‐SNP ANALYSIS/DISCOVERY, KW015 ‐CANDIDATE GENE, KW016 ‐CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM
Title: Genome‐wide association reveals master eQTL regulators of microRNA expression variation in human fibroblasts.(42) (08:15AM‐08:30AM on Thu) Author(s): C. Borel, S. Deutsch, A. Letourneau, E. Migliavacca, A. S. Dimas, C. E. Vejnar, H. Attar, M. Gagnebin, C. Gehrig, E. Falconnet, Y. Dupré, S. E. Antonarakis Keywords: Genomics, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW080 ‐GENOME‐WIDE ASSOCIATION, KW151 ‐REGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION, KW082 ‐GENOMIC STRUCTURE
Title: Aberrant microRNA expression in retinoblastoma by high‐throughput next generation sequencing.(14) (08:45AM‐09:00AM on Thu) Author(s): E. Chao, J. Schug, G. Grant, A. Ganguly Keywords: Cancer Genetics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW014 ‐CANCER SYNDROMES, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW125 ‐NONCODING RNA
Title: A gene network regulating lysosomal biogenesis and function.(45) (09:00AM‐09:15AM on Thu) Author(s): A. Ballabio, M. Sardiello, M. Palmieri, A. di Ronza, D. L. Medina, C. Di Malta, V. Embrione, G. Parenti Keywords: Genomics, KW098 ‐LYSOSOMAL DISEASES, KW151 ‐REGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION, KW170 ‐TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR, KW017 ‐CELLULAR METABOLISM, KW138 ‐POLYGLUTAMINE DISEASES
Title: Searching for a gene on chromosome 18q influencing systolic blood pressure in Mexican Americans.(2334) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Thu) Author(s): S. Rutherford, V. S. Voruganti, K. Haack, J. W. MacCluer, L. Griffiths, J. Blangero, A. G. Comuzzie, S. A. Cole Keywords: Cardiovascular Genetics, KW159 ‐SNP ANALYSIS/DISCOVERY, KW036 ‐CVD, KW163 ‐SUSCEPTIBILITY LOCUS, KW139 ‐POLYMORPHISM, KW100 ‐MAPPING COMPLEX TRAITS
Title: MicroRNAs as Regulators of Adrenal Cortical Development.(2396) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Thu) Author(s): J. K. Mazilu, Y. Zhao, S. Lin, E. R. B. McCabe Keywords: Development, KW040 ‐DEVELOPMENT, KW050 ‐ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, KW071 ‐GENES IN DEVELOPMENT, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW113 ‐MODEL ORGANISMS
Title: Expression of the putative microRNA processing protein, Ars2, in the developing and adult mouse retina.(2408) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Thu)
Title: MicroRNA expression profile in fragile X syndrome.(2454) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Thu) Author(s): L. P. Capelli, Z. Kutalik, J. J. Médard, P. Descombes, S. Jacquemont, G. Tanackovic Keywords: Gene Structure and Gene Product Function, KW063 ‐FRAGILE X SYNDROME AND FXTAS, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS, KW175 ‐TRIPLET AND OTHER REPEATS, KW106 ‐MENTAL RETARDATION
Title: MicroRNA expression in hipocamppal tissue from patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.(2208) (1:00PM‐2:00PM on Thu) Author(s): D. B. Dogini, T. C. Pereira, C. S. Rocha, C. L. Yasuda, H. Tedeschi, E. de Oliveira, C. V. Maurer‐Morelli, F. Cendes, I. Lopes‐Cendes Keywords: Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW052 ‐EPILEPSY, KW011 ‐BRAIN/NERVOUS SYSTEM, KW124 ‐NERVOUS SYSTEM
Title: MicroRNA microarray expression profiling of human myocardial infarction patients revealed potential microRNAs involved in downregulation of cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase­2 (SERCA2).(2303) (2:00PM‐3:00PM on Thu) Author(s): D. Glavac, E. Bostjani Keywords: Cardiovascular Genetics, KW016 ‐CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW125 ‐NONCODING RNA, KW151 ‐REGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION
Title: miR‐204 is required for vertebrate eye development.(2457) (2:00PM‐3:00PM on Thu) Author(s): S. Banfi, S. Carrella, R. Avellino, M. Karali, R. Marco‐Ferreres, P. Bovolenta, I. Conte Keywords: Gene Structure and Gene Product Function, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW178 ‐VISUAL SYSTEMS, KW151 ‐REGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION, KW134 ‐PHENOTYPE, KW043 ‐DIFFERENTIATION
Title: Altered expression of mRNA and proteins for trisomy 21 affected amniocytes.(1599) (2:00PM­3:00PM on Thu) Author(s): C.‐K. Cho, J. Bayani, S. Dason, E. P. Diamandis Keywords: Prenatal and Perinatal Genetics, KW021 ‐CHARACTERIZATION OF SYNDROMES, KW023 ‐CHROMOSOMAL ABNORMALITIES, KW071 ‐GENES IN DEVELOPMENT, KW146 ‐PROTEOMICS, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA
Title: Genetics of non‐coding RNA in alcoholism.(2081) (2:00PM‐3:00PM on Thu) Author(s): A. Pietrzykowski Keywords: Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW125 ‐NONCODING RNA, KW015 ‐CANDIDATE GENE, KW086 ‐IDENTIFICATION OF DISEASE GENES, KW159 ‐SNP ANALYSIS/DISCOVERY
Title: MicroRNA analysis of formalin fixed paraffin‐embedded prostate cancer tissues with different stages.(2799) (10:00AM‐11:00AM on Fri) Author(s): G. Xiao, Q. Xie, R. Recker Keywords: Genomics, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW155 ‐RNA, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS, KW112 ­MITOCHONDRIA, KW125 ‐NONCODING RNA
Title: Genome‐wide microRNA profiles in peripheral blood as potential biomarkers for schizophrenia.(2827) (10:00AM‐11:00AM on Fri) Author(s): C. Y. Lai, H. Y. Chen, Y. H. Huang, S. L. Yu, P. C. Hsiao, C. C. Wen, C. K. Hsiao, C. M. Liu, P. C. Yang, H. G. Hwu, W. J. Chen Keywords: Genomics, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW078 ‐GENOME SCAN, KW042 ‐DIAGNOSTICS, KW164 ‐SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, KW134 ‐PHENOTYPE
Title: Role of microRNAs in the Regulation of Telomerase (hTERT) in Ovarian Cancer.(2994) (11:00AM‐12:00NOON on Fri) Author(s): B. Herbert, M. Fox, S. Skillman Keywords: Epigenetics, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW012 ‐CANCER, KW037 ‐DATABASES, KW086 ‐IDENTIFICATION OF DISEASE GENES, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS
Title: The role of microRNA in the development of oxLDL‐induced atherosclerosis.(2700) (11:00AM­12:00NOON on Fri) Author(s): Y. Wang, S. Juo Keywords: Genomics, KW008 ‐BIOINFORMATICS, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW110 ‐MICROARRAYS, KW151 ‐REGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION
Title: Genetic Control of DNA Methylation and Expression in the Human Brain.(2876) (11:00AM­12:00NOON on Fri) Author(s): D. G. Hernandez, R. Gibbs, M. van der Brug, B. Traynor, M. Nalls, L. Shiao‐Lin, S. Arepalli, R. Zonozi, A. Dillman, J. Troncoso, R. Johnson, H. Zielke, L. Ferrucci, D. Longo, M. Cookson, A. Singleton Keywords: Genomics, KW123 ‐NEUROGENETICS, KW109 ‐METHYLATION, KW151 ‐REGULATION OF TRANSCRIPTION, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW163 ‐SUSCEPTIBILITY LOCUS
Title: Genome‐wide survey of common variants in pre‐microRNA regions in humans.(2912) (11:00AM‐12:00NOON on Fri) Author(s): L. M. Reynolds, S. H. Wu, M. T. McManus, W. C. Hsueh Keywords: Genomics, KW111 ‐MICRO RNA, KW125 ‐NONCODING RNA, KW139 ‐POLYMORPHISM,
Title: Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF): Advancing Human Genetics through Research, Communication, and Education.(2924) (11:00AM‐12:00NOON on Fri) Author(s): T. Hunter, M. Detweiler, G. Grills, K. Sol‐Church Keywords: Genomics, KW047 ‐EDUCATION, KW081 ‐GENOMIC METHODOLOGIES, KW108 ‐METHODOLOGY, KW079 ‐GENOME SEQUENCING, KW078 ‐GENOME SCAN

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