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Wednesday June 02, 2010 – by Jeffrey M. Perkel

If you want an inkling of how hot the microRNA field is, just look at miRBase.

In April, the University of Manchester’s miRNA database updated to version 15 with the addition of some 4,000 new sequences, including 300 or so new human miRNAs. The database now contains 14,197 records from some 130-plus organisms and viruses, up from 10,883 in September 2009’s version 14.

“It was unexpected that there would suddenly be such a sudden jump in known human miRNAs,” says Christoph Eicken, head of microarray technical services at LC Sciences, a microRNA service provider. “It was almost stable for one to one-and-a-half years, which is a long time in the microRNA field.”  (read more… )

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