microRNA of the Month: microRNA-31

MicroRNA-31 earns the honor of microRNA of the month due to its varied function in the areas of cell development, cancer, and immunology.

Cell Development
By targeting a number of growth regulatory molecules and cytoskeletal proteins, miR-31 is involved in establishing an optimal balance of gene expression in the hair follicle required for its proper growth and hair fiber formation.1

miR-31 is prominently overexpressed in mouse lung cancers and knockdown of miR-31 substantially represses lung cancer cell growth.  Several tumor-suppressive genes, such as large tumor suppressor 2 (LATS2) and PP2A regulatory subunit B alpha isoform (PPP2R2A), have been identified as miR-31 targets.  These target mRNAs and miR-31 are inversely expressed in mouse and human lung cancers.2

miR-31 is the most underexpressed microRNA in serous ovarian cancer and functional overexpression of miR-31 inhibits the proliferation of serous ovarian carcinomas in cell lines with dysfunctional p53 pathways while not affecting cell lines with functional p53). Predicted miR-31 targets include genes that promotes p53 activity and miR-31 overexpression induced a global gene expression pattern associated with better prognosis in tumors, suggesting that patients with cancers deficient in p53 activity might benefit from therapeutic delivery of miR-31.3

FOXP3 is the master regulator in the development and function of regulatory T cells.  miR-31, normally under-expressed in T regulatory cells, negatively regulates FOXP3 expression by binding directly to its target site in the 3′ UTR of FOXP3 mRNA.4

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