microRNA of the Week: microRNA-133

miR-133 is a member of a family of muscle specific microRNAs and is highly expressed in cardiac and skeletal muscle. It is involved in cell development, specification, and differentiation. miR-133 is significantly downregulated during cardiac hypertrophy, and likely plays a role in its pathogenesis.  It has been suggested that restoring miR-133 levels could suppress cardiac hypertrophy.

  1. Matkovich SJ, Wang W, Tu Y, Eschenbacher WH, Dorn LE, Condorelli G, Diwan A, Nerbonne JM, Dorn GW 2nd.  (2009) MicroRNA-133a Protects Against Myocardial Fibrosis and Modulates Electrical Repolarization Without Affecting Hypertrophy in Pressure-Overloaded Adult Hearts.  Circ Res 106(1), 166-75. [abstract]
  2. McCarthy JJ, Esser KA, Peterson CA, Dupont-Versteegden EE. (2009) Evidence of MyomiR network regulation of {beta}-myosin heavy chain gene expression during skeletal muscle atrophy. Physiol Genomics 39(3), 219-26. [abstract]
  3. Cheng Y, Ji R, Yue J, Yang J, Liu X, Chen H, Dean DB, Zhang C. (2007) MicroRNAs Are Aberrantly Expressed in Hypertrophic Heart. Do They Play a Role in Cardiac Hypertrophy? Am J Pathol 170(6), 1831-40.  [abstract]

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