microRNA of the Week: microRNA-200 Family

The miR-200 family is a particularly nasty group of microRNAs. Changes in miR-200 family levels have been associated with enhanced tumorigenesis and significantly correlated with decreased survival. 

miR-200 family members are associated with resistance to several chemotherapy drugs: docetaxel  in non-small cell cancer cells1, cisplatin in breast cancer cells2, and gemcitabine in cholangiocarcinoma cells.

It has been shown that many microRNAs play an important role in regulating metastasis, the ultimate cause of death of most cancer patients, and in particular, miR-200 is responsible for direct enhancement of distant metastases of breast cancer3.

Additionally miR-200 family members are significantly over-expressed in human ovarian cancer4 and likewise are a factor in the etiology of endometriosis5.

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