MicroRNA signature of cis-platin resistant vs. cis-platin sensitive ovarian cancer cell lines

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecologic cancer in women worldwide. According to the National Cancer Institute, ovarian cancer has the highest mortality rate among all the reproductive cancers in women. Advanced stage diagnosis and chemo/radio-resistance is a major obstacle in treating advanced ovarian cancer. The most commonly employed chemotherapeutic drug for ovarian cancer treatment is cis-platin. As with most chemotherapeutic drugs, many patients eventually become resistant to cis-platin and therefore, diminishing its effect. The efficacy of current treatments may be improved by increasing the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemo/radiation therapies.

This study is focused on identifying the differential expression of regulatory microRNAs (miRNAs) between cis-platin sensitive (A2780), and cis-platin resistant (A2780/CP70) cell lines. Cell proliferation assays were conducted to test the sensitivity of the two cell lines to cis-platin.

Differential expression pattern analysis  reveales changes in expression of 11 miRNAs out of 1,500 miRNAs analyzed. Out of the 11 miRNAs identified, 5 were up-regulated in the A2780/CP70 cell line and 6 were down regulated as compared to cis-platin sensitive A2780 cells.  This  differential expression of 11 miRNAs in cis-platin resistant cells could potentially target many important pathways including MAPK, TGF-β signaling, actin cytoskeleton, ubiquitin mediated proteasomal pathway, Wnt signaling, mTOR signaling, Notch signaling, apoptosis, and many other signaling pathways. Manipulation of one or more of these miRNAs could be an important approach for ovarian cancer chemotherapy.

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MicroRNA signature of cis-platin resistant vs. cis-platin sensitive ovarian cancer cell lines
Smriti Kumar, Arooshi Kumar, Parag P Shah, Shesh N Rai, Siva K Panguluri and Sham S Kakar
Journal of Ovarian Research 2011, 4:17
Published: 22 September 2011

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