miR-7 Research Spawns New Company

MiReven, a company dedicated to commercialising miR-7, will soon be formed with a view to conducting extensive pre-clinical testing to validate its promising anti-cancer effects.

The company will be formed by the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) who has just received a $650,000 from their country’s Medical Research Commercialization Fund (MRCF), a multi-million-dollar fund set up to help commercialize early-stage medical research discoveries.

Scientists at WAIMR who are investigating the anti-cancer effects of  miR-7 have become the first in Western Australia to secure funding from MRCF.

“Our research at WAIMR has revealed miR-7 can cause cancer cells – particularly in cancers of the brain, lung, breast and prostate – to die off, and significantly reduce the growth of other cancer cells so its potential to treat rapid-growing tumours in particular is very exciting,” said research team leader Professor Peter Leedman, acting director of and head of the Institute’s Hormone-Dependent Cancers Laboratory. (read the entire release… )

Learn more about the MRCF at:  http://www.mrcf.com.au/

WAIMR published results from ongoing miR-7 research:

Giles KM, Barker A, Zhang PM, Epis MR, Leedman PJ.(2011) MicroRNA regulation of growth factor receptor signaling in human cancer cells. Methods Mol Biol. 676, 147-63. [abstract]

Webster RJ, Giles KM, Price KJ, Zhang PM, Mattick JS, Leedman PJ. (2009) Regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in human cancer cells by microRNA-7. J Biol Chem 284(9), 5731-41. [article]

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