miR2Disease Database

Thanks go to our reader Qinghua Jiang who pointed out a data base called miR2Disease. This collaboration project between the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and the Center of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at the Indiana University of Medical School is a manually curated microRNA-disease database focusing on miRNA deregulation in various human diseases.

The current version (latest update Sep09) of miR2Disease documents 2663 curated relationships between 347 human microRNAs and 127 human diseases. In the initial release in Jan09 around one-seventh of the microRNA–disease relationships represented the pathogenic roles of deregulated microRNA in human disease. Each entry in the miR2Disease contains detailed information on a microRNA–disease relationship, including a microRNA ID, the disease name, a brief description of the microRNA–disease relationship, an expression pattern of the microRNA, the detection method for microRNA expression, experimentally verified target gene(s) of the microRNA and a literature reference. miR2Disease allows to search by microRNA ID, disease name, or target gene. In addition, miR2Disease offers a submission page that allows researchers to submit established microRNA–disease relationships that are not documented. Once approved by the submission review committee, the submitted records will be included in the database.

The miR2Disease database is available at: http://www.miR2Disease.org/

  1. Jiang Q., Wang Y., Hao Y., Juan L., Teng M., Zhang X., Li M., Wang G., Liu Y., (2009) miR2Disease: a manually curated database for microRNA deregulation in human disease. Nucleic Acids Res 37:D98-104.

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