miRBase 18 Released

miRBase 18UPDATE: miRBase version 19 is the current version

As promised – miRBase 18 was just released: Release 18 of the database contains 18226 entries representing hairpin precursor miRNAs, expressing 21643 mature miRNA products, in 168 species. As compared to miRBase version 17 a total of 1488 new hairpin sequences and 1929 novel mature products have been added.

Apart from the the usual addition and corrections this release continues to improve adaption of the newer nomenclature: In mirBase version 18 all miR/miR* pairs for mature miRNAs from human, mouse and C. elegans were replaced with the -5p/-3p nomenclature. More species to follow in future releases. For a detailed article about the miRNA nomenclature see: miRBase Nomenclature – a few changes.

A partial list of changes in terms of mature miRNAs:

Acacia auriculiformis -wattle (aau)
7 new sequences

Anolis carolinensis – Carolina anole (aca)
416 new sequences

Arabidopsis thaliana – mouse-ear cress (ath)
62 new sequences, 2 name changes

Ascaris suum – large roundworm of pigs (asu)
416 new sequences

Caenorhabditis elegans – roundworm (cel)
28 new sequences, 247 name changes

Ciona intestinalis – sea squirt (cin)
38 new sequences

Drosophila melanogaster – fruit fly (dme)
4 new sequences, 4 sequence changes, 1 deletion

Glycine max – soybean (gma)
188 new sequences, 12 name changes

Homo sapiens – human (hsa)
190 new sequences, 5 sequence changes, 450 name changes, 2 deletions

Medicago truncatula – Barrel Medic or Barrel Medick or Barrel Clover (mtr)
291 new sequences, 1name change

Mus musculus – mouse (mmu)
48 new mnature miRNAs, 2 sequence changes, 646 name changes, 2 deletions

Oryza sativa – rice (osa)
115 new sequences, 15 name changes, 2 deletions

Oryzias latipes – Medaka and Japanese killifish (ora)
144 new sequences

Rhesus lymphocryptovirus (rlcv)
20 name changes

Rhipicephalus microplus – cattle tick (rmi)
24 new sequences

Sarcophilus harrisii – Tasmanian devil (sha)
65 new sequences

Sorghum bicolor – sorghum  (sbi)
24 new sequences, 1 name change

Sam from miRBase talks about the addition of sequencing data, new features and request user feedback – so, let him know what you think:

For the official release notes for miRBase 18 see: ftp://mirbase.org/pub/mirbase/CURRENT/README

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