miRBase Version 19 released

miRBase 19As of today, miRBase 19 is available. This latest update features not only the usual additions of sequences and increased coverage of species, but also deletions of over 130 misannotated sequences as well as implementation of the recent changes in the miRNA nomenclature. In detail:

  • 25 new species (mostly plants) are listed. Total number of species is now 193.
  • 3171 new hairpin sequences bring the total number to 21264 precursor sequences.
  • 3625 novel mature products increase the total to 25141 mature miRNAs.
  • 133 entries were removed in this release, many from the rice miRNA complement.
  • A number of cases of duplicate entries mapping to a single genomic locus were cleaned-up.
  • The miR* nomenclature which was partially retired with miRBase 18 is finally retired for all species.

We will add more species specific numbers and changes once we got a chance to dig through the details.
The full README file is available on the official miRBase FTP site, along with downloadable files containing all data in various formats. The official miRBase blog release post can be found here.


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