miRTour: Plant miRNA and target prediction tool

miRTourMicroRNAs (miRNAs) are important components of the regulatory networks in plant and animals. They are single-stranded 20–22 nt small RNAs that are endogenously produced from their own genes.

MiRNA genes in plants are systematically grouped into families that yield almost identical miRNAs. Currently, 2952 miRNA genes across 43 plant species were identified and annotated in miRBase v16. Plant miRNAs have been well characterized in several model systems for plant genomics such as Arabidopsis, Brachypodium, Oryza and Populus.

Here, the authors present the computational approach miRTour for homology-based discovery of plant miRNA and their targets from sequencing datasets (EST, GSS, SRA, etc.). The program automates all the steps of miRNA similarity search, miRNA precursor selection, target prediction and annotation, each of them performed with the same set of input sequences. The miRTour software has a user friendly web-interface which provides a comprehensive pipeline for identification of plant miRNA homologs.

miRTour is freely available at: http://bio2server.bioinfo.uni-plovdiv.bg/miRTour/

Milev et al.  (2011) miRTour: Plant miRNA and target prediction tool. Bioinformation 6(6), 248-49. [article]

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