New expression analysis software tool: Expander

EXPANDER (EXpression Analyzer and DisplayER) is a java-based tool for analysis of gene expression data[1].

  • data preprocessing and normalization
  • identification of differential genes
  • clustering and biclustering;
  • down-stream enrichment analyses of:
    • GO functional categories
    • TF binding sites in promoter regions
    • microRNA sites in 3′-UTRs
    • chromosomal locations
  • network-based analysis of the expression data

Expander (EXPression ANalyzer and DisplayER) is an integrated software platform for the analysis of gene expression data, which is freely available for academic use. It is designed to support all the stages of microarray data analysis, from raw data normalization to inference of transcriptional regulatory networks.

microRNA target predictions for Human, Mouse, Fly, and C. elegans

  1. Ulitsky I, Maron-Katz A, Shavit S, Sagir D, Linhart C, Elkon R, Tanay A, Sharan R, Shiloh Y, Shamir R. (2010) Expander: from expression microarrays to networks and functions. Nat Protoc 5(2), 303-22. [abstract]

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