New Open Access Journal: MicroRNAs in Diabetes and Obesity

MicroRNAs in Diabetes and Obesity Journal CovermicroRNAs in Diabetes and Obesity is the world’s first peer-reviewed specialty journal in this emerging area of biology. The journal presents technological advances in the field on the basis of their novelty, importance to other researchers, elegance and surprising conclusions.

The journal editors are committed to transparent, comprehensive and rapid reviewing of manuscripts. Excellent editorial staff support provides the opportunity to all authors for a fast review process wherein the first response would be generally between 2 to 4 weeks of submission. All manuscripts are submitted online through the manuscript submission system and are guaranteed immediate attention. All accepted manuscripts are corrected for language suitability by our highly trained language editors.

Lastly, the journal offers a unique publishing concept that there are no journal issues. This means less waiting time for accepted articles from being allocated to specific issues. The volume numbers will be allocated every year and articles accepted for publication will be uploaded immediately on the journal website.

All of this presents microRNAs in Diabetes and Obesity as a unique platform for authors to submit, publish and share their work to the scientific community. For more information:


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