New Open Access Journal OncomiRs Publishes First Research Paper

OncomiRs coverOncomiRs is a new international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that welcomes research relevant to the interdisciplinary nature of microRNAs and cancer biology. The journal publishes original research articles and reviews covering all the basics aspects of the microRNAs in tumor formation and development as well as their role in the treatment sensitivity and resistance. OncomiRs focuses on the basic principles of microRNAs in the regulation of cellular processes such as apoptosis, cell cycle control, metastatic dissemination, cellular senescence and immortalization. A particular attention is given to microRNA-controlled regulation of cellular oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.

Submitting to OncomiRs gives a unique chance to highlight findings in the only specialized microRNA and cancer research journal. Moreover, due to its open access model of publication, manuscripts accepted for publication are immediately published on-line. A submission to OncomiRs also provides an opportunity to present work to our prominent Advisory Board as well as obtain advices from them.

The first article featured in OncomiRs comes from the A. Harel-Bellan’s lab from Paris Sud University in France. The paper “Mir-205 modulates acinar size and morphology of transformed breast epithelial cells” studied the function of miR-205 in cellular formation of breast cancer. Indeed normal breast epithelial cells form highly organized multi-cellular structures, the breast lobules, terminating in acinar structures called alveoli, which can be mimicked in vitro in three-dimensional (3D) cultures, the “acini”. The size and morphology of acini is highly dependent on the degree of cancerous transformation of breast epithelial cells. Transformed cell lines form larger acini than normal cells, and cancer cells do not form normal acini but rather form much larger aggregates of cells with no well-defined lumen. They found that the overexpression of the miR-205 increases the formation of abnormal morphology acini, linking this miRNA to breast epithelial cell transformation.

For the full article see:

Mercatelli et al.
Mir-205 modulates acinar size and morphology of transformed breast epithelial cells
OncomiRs. Volume 1, Pages 2–9, ISSN (Online) 2084-882X, DOI: 10.2478/oncor-2012-0002, December 2012

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