OncomiRs: New miRNA & Cancer Focused Open Access Journal

OncomiRs - a new miRNA and cancer focused open access journalOncomiRs is a new open access journal from Emerging Science Journal program, launched recently by Versita.
The journal will publish original research articles and reviews covering all the basics aspects of the microRNAs implication in tumor formation and development as well as their role in the treatment sensitivity and resistance. The OncomiRs’ focus lies on the basic principles of microRNAs implication in the regulation of cellular processes like apoptosis, cell cycle control, metastatic dissemination, cellular senescence and immortalisation. A particular attention is given to microRNA-controlled regulation of cellular oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.

The journal provides a unique opportunity for academics to highlight their research work in the single specialized microRNA and cancer research journal. Owing to Open Access model, manuscripts accepted for publication are immediately published on-line.

The implications of microRNAs in cancer biology is a topic that has emerged recently, but has already generated a considerable number of papers. The editors  joined the efforts to position this journal as a natural publishing option for authors writing on oncomirs, and to establish it as a hub integrating the relevant research community. Key researchers have supported the journal as members of Editorial Advisory Board, among them: Prof.George Adrian Calin and Prof. Elsa Flores, both from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA; Prof. Clark Jeffries from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA or Prof. Adrian Harris from University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Journal Editor – Prof. Benjamin Ory, from Nantes University School of Medicine is positive that the OncomiRs should become the central publication venue for scientists and clinicians active in the field of microRNAs biology and cancer research. He comments: ‘the journal will facilitate the sharing and dissemination of significant contributions and timely research in the emerging field of microRNAs in cancer. Publishing in open access will doubtlessly bring about increased readership and interest from scientists and scholars alike’.


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