Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance, New Features & Numbers

For a change some housekeeping:

  • Blog will be down Dec. 31st 2009 – back (latest) January 2nd 2010
  • New Feature: miRNA related polls coming (weekly or biweekly)
  • Visitor stats: ~5000 unique visitors in last 14 months

I started this site Nov. 2008 and over the last couple of months I delayed a some maintenance issues thinking the holiday season would be a good opportunity to do some of the much needed work on the blog. Little did I know that the visitor numbers would stay almost constant… Since I want to get a clean start into 2010 I will start maintenance Dec. 31st and everything should be back up within a day or two. If you have any specific suggestions on how to improve things please feel free to email me through the contact form.

We just started a new feature: a weekly or biweekly (we will see…) poll. The current questions are site related so that we know where we stand in terms of performance. If you haven’t cast your vote yet: you have time until Dec. 31st…
The future polls will be related to miRNA research – I am looking forward to seeing the feedback we will get!

Since I just looked at the visitor stats for the site I thought I share the numbers for the beginnings in Nov. 2008 until last week – shown are unique visitors, weekly and total:

miRNA Blog visitor stats

unique miRNA blog visitors per week
(Nov. 08 - Dec. 09)

Same trend shown in the steady growth of subscribers within the same time frame:

miRNA blog subscribers (green) and reach (blue)

miRNA blog subscribers (green) and reach (blue)
Nov. 2008 - Dec. 2009

So, a big THANK YOU to everybody who contributed by posting, emailing, commenting or simply reading!

I hope everybody is enjoying a wonderful holiday – may the spirit of this cheerful season fill your hearts with peace and
happiness in 2010. Wishing you the very best for the New Year,


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