Web Resources for Plant Scientists

miRU: Plant miRNA Potential Target Finder

This website allows users to predict plant miRNA target genes.  By entering a small RNA sequence (19-28nt) the program will report all potential complimentary sequences.


This website is dedicated entirely to plant miRNA and provides many useful tools such as sequence browser & assemblies, genome browser, and other tools and datasets.

PMRD:  plant miRNA Database

This site offers a complete list of all publicly known plant miRNA sequences.  The database is composed of a total of 8,433 sequences including all known sequences in the miRBase database.

UPC: A Resource for Predicting and Comparing Plant microRNAs

Here users can predict and compare plant miRNA sequences.  This site includes 128 miRNA families, 125 plant species, and 2,995 protein targets.

The UEA plant sRNA toolkit

Users can input sequences up to 50 nucleotides in length in FASTA format to run target predictions for their sequence dataset.

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